Mutiny. Join us in our playground.

Creative audio for TV, Radio and Digital.

The safest place on earth for your audio. Mutiny cherishes and treats audio with the respect and dignity it deserves. We kiss it, hug it, massage it. We take it on long walks and great adventures. We show it so much love and affection that when it leaves us, audio truly feels like a valued part of any production. To it, we are not just a studio. We are home.

Who We Work With


Mutiny can accomodate all audio requirements from simple voice recordings to complex surround sound mixes. ISDN and Source Connect in all suites. Our facilities include the essential ingredients and pre requisite power tools that allow us to audioize* just about anything. From the wondrous sound of a bow-legged tap dancing centipede to the the unfathomably fearsome - only want to hear it once - screeching roar of a swooping bloodthirsty death dealing Gargantufly ruthlessly destroying Panda Land, Dolphin World and Fluffy Bunny Paradise - all with just one sneeze. Bless you.

*Aud-i-o-ize [aw-dee-oh-ahyz] verb (used with object) aud-i-o-ized - aud-i-o-iz-ing
  1. 1. To form an aural image
  2. 2. To make the real or imaginary audible at Mutiny

Also, especially British, aud-i-o-ise.